Green Initiatives

Green Initiatives

Sustainable development and eco-friendliness are central to our fundamental values. Dharti Metal Cast has been a steadfast supporter of using green energy sources, such as solar, wind, and wind, to reduce air pollution.

We foster a culture of environmental benefits among our clients in order to see the Green Tomorrow.

Renewable Energy Harvesting

The actualization of our fundamental conviction in a "Green Tomorrow" is demonstrated by the installation windmills.

Tree Plantation Drives

We are fully aware of our responsibility to the society and has taken steps to demonstrate this. To promote biodiversity, more than 2500 saplings were planted in the fiscal years. Now an day, Tree planting is an pressing requirement and has turn out to be a necessity.

Green Work Environment

Dharti Metal Cast maintains an area of ​​greenery and flowers with a pleasing layout for the purpose of providing a hygienic and healthy working environment. Any possibility of air pollution in any manufacturing process is strictly prohibited.